Your music - Your business

What is Playback?

Playback lifts the burden of administration from your hands, making sure you're free to do all the stuff that comes with releasing independently. Our goal is to make sure that royalty management is made simple and hassle free.

Playback is here for


Independent artists, bands and small labels - basically anyone who wants to release music.

We got you.


Producers, instrumentalists, managers, PR companies - anyone who contributes to the release and are willing to get paid though future royalties.


Do you believe in an artist/band, and want to help finance their music by investing in future royalties?

Let us help you!

How Playback works

1. Collection

We collect the revenue directly from distributors, societies, physical sales, etc.

2. Calculate

We calculate the split based on allocation keys provided by you.

We handle recoupment schedules to make sure cost is covered.

3. Payout

We pay the collaborators - and they get access to Playback so they can see how much and by when they're paid.